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About Chemo Angels

Chemo Angels is a volunteer organization dedicated to adding a ray of sunshine to the lives of those undergoing IV chemo treatment. We believe people going through the physical, emotional and mental rigors of chemotherapy deserve some encouragement. Many of our Chemo Angel volunteers are cancer survivors themselves, or people whose lives have been affected by cancer in some way. Our common denominator is a desire to brighten the lives of cancer patients while they are going through this challenging time.
How It Works

If your application is accepted, you will be "adopted" by both a Chemo Angel and a Card Angel who, through cards cheerful notes, and occasional small inexpensive gifts, will support and encourage you for the duration of your course of treatment.

Patients generally graduate from Chemo Angels 4-6 weeks after their last treatment, be it chemo or radiation, or after they have either moved on to maintenance drugs or received good results from their first post-treatment tests. Our program has an 18 month maximum time limit.

Many of our Angels are cancer survivors, but most are not. Please do not expect to be assigned to someone who has experienced cancer first-hand.

Filling out the application form will give us an idea as to what sort of "surprises" would brighten your day and lighten your heart.

We do not under any circumstances sell or give out any of our patient's private information. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

A check-in form is sent to our patients each month. A response to this form is mandatory. Recipients of our program are not expected or required to communicate directly with their Angels.

Recipients are not allowed to request money, gift certificates, specific gifts or any sort of financial aid from their Angels. Discussing any type of financial hardship is not allowed.

We want you to focus your energy on your health. You do not have to respond to your Angels if you are not up to it. This is not a pen pal program (unless you want it to be!) If you are of the old school who feel compelled to send a thank-you note for every item received, we ask you to resist that urge. Your Angels would appreciate a brief email or note from you every now and then just to let her/him know how you are doing, but please do not feel that you must respond.

If you think you are ready for some Chemo Angels encouragement, please click on the "For Patients" link above and you will be redirected to the Chemo Angel web site.

If your application is accepted, you will encourage and support your patient for the duration of their course of treatment by sending weekly cards, and uplifting notes, and an occasional small gift.

In a recent poll, 75% of our Chemo Angels reported spending $50 or less a month on their patient. By small gift we mean something in the $2-$10 range... a packet of bath salts, a box of a favorite tea, pretty bookmark, a bar of scented soap... we have lists of very inexpensive gift suggestions if you run out of ideas.

As an Angel volunteer you commit to someone who is probably going through the most difficult time of their life. It is vitally important that you are 100% dedicated and able to follow through with this gift of love. This means sending to your patient at least once a week, beginning as soon as you receive your assignment.

Please give the following some serious consideration BEFORE you submit an application! Being an Angel is a long term commitment that should not be entered into lightly! Do not sign up if:

you have a health problem that could potentially interfere with your angeling

you are caretaking a person whose health situation may make angeling difficult

you have a personal situation that could interfere with your commitment

the financial burden might be too great for you to sustain

you are still undergoing your own cancer treatment

you have a major change coming up in your life (a baby, move, or other...)

All Angel volunteers must be 25 or older and we do reserve the right to refuse any application for any reason.

If you think you have what it takes to become a Chemo Angel, please click on the "For Angel Volunteers" link above and you will be redirected to the Chemo Angel web site.

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If you have been looking for a way to "give back," Chemo Angels is a wonderful way to help! It is a FREE service that brings caring, laughter, and a ray of sunshine into a chemo patient's life.

Receiving cards, letters, and small gifts brings joy into the recipients heart as well as the volunteers!